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Al3adeyat Inc.

Al3adeyat Inc. provides a one stop-shop of value in terms of Cyber Security and IT automated solution for your business needs. Depending on the size and sector of your organization, we have vast various products and services to meet your requirements. We deliver the optimum and customized solutions for your business in an effective, efficient and timely manner ways.


Al3adeyat began its business operation as Network and IT solutions providing company in 2002 with the vision to take care of the IT so business organizations can focus on their core business needs and market.


Al3adeyat is focusing exclusively on cutting-edge, high-quality, and cost-effective Cyber security and IT implementation services. We focus on perfecting what we do for our customers by partnering with top industry partners and working as a reliable partner for our customers. Our skilled and experienced employees are our core valuable pillar to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Al3adeyat is currently and proudly servicing various business sectors in IoT, Retail, Exhibition, Consulting, Services and Media Sector.


We have a combined collaborative experience of more than 45 years of work hands-on experience in our domain. Our slogan for our customers is “we perfect Cyber Security and IT for you, so you can focus on your core business"




Our Mission: to secure, and automate businesses' core systems


Our Vision: to achieve top customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services. Educate our customers about Cyber security and IT systems is our main goal.

Striving for excellence and success with our customer by always going the extra mile in our company’s DNA. They say, “Sky is the limit” but we always believe and say, “Even sky is not a limit!”.


We are growing and would always like to remain on the growing spike!


The ‘We’ values:

 •         We care

•          We respect

•          We create

•          We share


We believe in our power together so we

•          Motivate our employees

•          Collectively be responsible

•          Act in a professional and ethical manner

•          Add values to our client needs

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